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I went to Marietta Car Center today, not really expecting to drive off with anything. But William and Samantha made sure it could happen. They are both awesome!!!! Now I am super excited to drive out in my new car (Lexus) and tell all my friends and family about these guys. They are the greatest!!! Thanks William and Samantha!!! ��
Val Proudtobe'hiswife Johnson
Love the entire process and helpful customer service. My entire experience was pleasant and smooth. I transitioned from one area t.o the next in an professional manner
I was impress with how helpful the staff was during my time of hardship.
Stephanie White
I think the customer service is excellent because in my personal experience I was going thru a hardship and they were very understandable. The staff especially Keyonica was very polite and informative. she was prompt in getting answers and results. This made me feel like they really did care about my situation . I would refer anyone that is interested in buying a car from Marietta Car Ctr to come on in. Thank u so much for your service.
Stephanie White
I haven’t had any issues. Just don’t forget to make your payment ? they WILL shut your car off?
Jon Barker
I just purchased my first car from William at Marietta Car Center and I couldn't be happier!. Meko and Glen were faboulous! They even accomodated me for a better vehicle than quoted. Come on in and start driving today! I will be back in about 6 months to get another!
Tahirah Dunlap
I am a very cautious smart cute woman and I needed a ride. My daughter-in-law total my car. AROUND holidays coming up and everyday life credit isn't right money budget tight. I came to Marietta Car center my girls Meko & Samantha found me a car. I am so pleased with my vehicle. No lies No false information No tricks They said and did what I needed and I am so blessed. Will bring my son here to purchase his car and I am paying my car off early to get another one. BOOM!!!!!�����
Karen M Turner
I just got a JEEP LIBERTY from these guys!! I went in around 130pm and was out by 530pm and riding!!! All you have to do is have your down payment and ALL your paperwork in order and you're good to go! They are very professional, and they went out the way to make sure everything went smooth. Thanks Marietta Car Center! Special thanks to Meko!
Tree Jackson
I was looking for a nice car with less to put down and I found a awesome spot Marietta on Rosewell st!!!!! If you want something nice and loss miles!!!!! This the place to go!!!! I give them 5star!!!! ����
Shannon Scott
Came here today with little money to put down on a car. I'm happy to say Meko did an extremely great job working with me and getting me into a very nice and afforadable vehicle. I would absolutely refer them to anyone whose in the market to buying a car!
Shay Shay